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This miraculous tube of relief


This miraculous tube of relief.

This product brought forth from The Heavens (or maybe some pharmaceutical company’s lab).

This little 3.5 fl oz. tube of thank-you-thank-you-thank-you!

cover me in goo

In the past week I’ve gone from dabbing it selectively on the first emerging points of poison ivy rash on my hands and wrists to applying it more liberally as the p.i. spots grew, to, now, pretty much slathering it all over my forearms!

I thank, from the depths of my being, the creators of this product and Fonda Noel for turning me on to it a mere few years ago. How did I live without anti-itch gel before? Seriously! Particularly as one whom the mosquitoes of Maryland (and elsewhere) have favored and savored these many decades. 

all the alls

It works well on all the itches: mosquito bites, PI, hives, whatever. Folks, get thee some!

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