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How did THAT get THERE?

Weird little bit of awesomeness today.

Out grocery shopping, I paused by the broth section and thought, “Oh, I should get some more broth.” I was scanning the items looking for my favorite brands and checking out some new ones, too.

Then my brain said, quite matter of factly and with an air of measured reasonableness, “Actually, you have a fair amount of broth at home. Use up some first, (make room for more) and then restock.”

Then, when I came home I had in my bag — kid you not — a can of broth.

I did not put it in my cart. I don’t buy broth in cans; I typically buy jars of Better than Bouillon for my store-bought broth bases, and, otherwise, I buy it in those waxy-paper, rectangular box thingies.

But somehow it was put in my bag and sent home with me.

I wasn’t charged for it, but there it was: a can of broth in my bag.


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