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Writer, director, actor

Oh, oh, oh. There was a time, there was a moment, when my life focus was local-local-local. I created a local blog hub with hundreds of local bloggers listed; held monthly parties for bloggers and their readers; made spreadsheets of local hashtags to use for social media; and truly–truly–tried to juice up and liven up the potential to get to know our local community better, to be more informed, to be more connected … and to have more opportunities to do so.

I created a local calendar site (TotallyHoco, no longer active), and in my desire to promote it, created this one-minute explainer video back when this type of animated explainer videos were new and fresh.

It was a first for me (in 2014) to write a script, record it and get the whole project completed. Here it is.


Funny, as I look back on this video and read the comments posted on the YouTube video, it seems a couple people were seriously unnerved that “I”–as in ME, a person–somehow knew where they lived when this video showed up in their suggested videos list and they watched it.

The opening sentence is, “Do you live in Howard County?” Of course, the ad was geo-targeted and aimed at them. But many people weren’t yet aware of the type of specific targeted available through digital platforms. Cracks me up that they were so surprised someone (me, on the video) knew the general area where they lived.


After I’d published and posted my TotallyHoco calendar explainer video, a bunch of people asked me how I made it, so I made THIS video explaining how I created an explainer video using Fiverr, and the steps I had to take to get it done. A bit on the meta side of things.

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