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Are you a friend of Tonga?

Here’s a story I wrote for The Laurel Independent newspaper printed each month and distributed locally. It’s about Friends of Tonga and the good work they’re doing to support educational opportunities, water-scarcity issues and community resiliency.

They’ve got a wonderful “Read Aloud” program where people such as yourself can (in about an hour or less) read a children’s book in English, record it and make it available to thousands of remote-living school children in Tonga’s 36 or so inhabited islands.

My sister was a Peace Corps volunteer in Fiji–another middle-of-the-ocean Pacific Island nation–back in the ’80s, and it was lovely to interview this couple who met during their service in the Peace Corps and soon after created this small, but mighty, organization.

Laurel nonprofit makes a big difference for a small country

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