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FAFO-ing about

For some years now, I’ve been adding various stickers to items such as laptops, water bottles and lighters. The stickers help identify common items commonly owned by common (and other) people, as mine. For example, you and I may have the same color and style Hydro Flask, but if mine is covered with stickers specific to me and yours is covered with stickers specific to you, we can each know in a flash which Hydro Flask is yours and which one is mine. Easy peasy.

Most of my stickers are from Burning Man camps and were given to me at festivals and such. I find it so useful (and a smidge artsy) to add stickers to my lighters; they make it so much easier for a lighter brought out in small groups, at parties, at festivals and such — to make it back into my pocket, rather than–no malice intended–another’s.

Last night I was looking at this little generic metal flask I have. No design on it. Nothing to make it stand out. The kind of thing I’d take to a party or to a festival. The kind of thing I could easily put down somewhere, forget where I put it, and, quite possibly, never see again. (Not that the item is special, or valuable or whatevs; more that if I lost it, then I wouldn’t have it, when I had brought it for a reason.)

So, I thought to myself, I should put a sticker on this little generic metal flask. I checked my sticker collection and saw this one sticker that has been sitting around unused and un-stickered to anything for a good couple years. Understandably. I wasn’t anxious to blast a “Fuck Around, Find Out” message, and the sticker was a little on the large size for a lighter, but, figuring if there was any place such a sticker might serve well, having it on a flask used at parties and festivals was as good a place as any. So on it went.

Then the next morning, while visiting the Washington Post’s site, I saw this article saying that the American Dialect Society’s  “word of the year” was FAFO, or Fuck Around and Find Out. So, how about that!?







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