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Hello, Future

I’m not much of one for the fast-food experience: long lines, food that feels good going in but rarely feels as good an hour or two later, and prices that have me preferring my home-cooked meals rich in nutrients and low in ingredients I don’t know how to pronounce.

But that don’t mean I’m not fascinated by the ever-changing landscape of food, culture, technology, and business.

A Taco Bell with FOUR lanes and the kitchen on the second level?

  • A dedicated lane for delivery drivers only?
  • And two more only for those who order via the app?
  • The kitchen upstairs?
  • Food delivered down tubes in under two minutes?

Well, we are headed (per generational theory) headed into a new age and new societal order in a handful of years. Anything reminiscent of the 1950s era of automats, atomic power and gleaming technology for the masses will have greater and greater appeal.

Here’s the Washington Post article that brought such news to my awareness.

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From the WaPo article …

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