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My favorite beet recipe

Simple from the outside. And relatively simple to make, this beet recipe has been my favorite way to eat beets ever since I was turned on to it. I’ve even brought this dish to potluck parties a number of times, and I always come home with an empty bowl. Here’s what I do —

  1. Roast some beets and peel them
  2. Chop a load of onions and salt them for 10 minutes or so; I treat onions as a vegetable
  3. Toss the beets with the best olive oil and balsamic vinegar I have on hand
  4. Flavor the beets with freshly ground pepper; rarely do I need to salt them as the onions were pre-salted
  5. Generously douse the beets with fresh, chopped cilantro
  6. Let the flavors marry and settle for several hours, preferably over night

And there you have it. A simple recipe, with simple ingredients and a (pretty) simple process that produces a complex and lovely blend of flavor and texture. Yum! Got any other beet recipes to share? The growing season is upon us.

Oh, and hit me up if you’re looking to join a CSA this year. I know of a few spots open in one.

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