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One Driver, 35 Rides, Countless Stories

Here’s the intro to the third book in my Uber Chronicle’s series, One Driver, 35 Rides, Countless Stories.

In July 2016, a TechCrunch article stated that Uber had completed over 2 billion rides for passengers. Two billion! (2022 stats updated: 1.44 billion rides are completed through Uber every quarter. Times, they are a-changin’.)

In this book, the third in the “Uber Chronicles” series by Jessie Newburn, the author takes you inside her car (and her mind) on 35 trips.

There’s the young Uber passenger, who on an hour-long trip to both get his girlfriend and then bring her back to his home, shares his music collection with Jessie, tells the story of how he was kicked out of college for cannabis possession, and fancies himself the best passenger she has ever had.

There’s a brush with fame in picking up a contestant from The Voice and American Idol.

There’s the first (and to date only) passenger to earn a three-star rating from her after requesting a ride while still on an Amtrak train 20+ minutes from arriving, treating Uber like a black car service and not even tipping a couple bucks for making her wait over 10 minutes before his train arrived.

There’s the young man from India, celebrating his America-versary, who shares the challenges of discriminatory wages and trying to support his family after his wife just had a baby a few months ago.

There’s the 40s-something couple flirting on a second or third date, the guy just back in the US after a decade abroad who doesn’t know that speed cameras have been installed all over the city, and even her stories as an Uber passenger.

Jessie’s “Uber Chronicles” books are striking a chord with readers from all walks of life as she shares her perceptions of, experiences with and stories about passengers from all walks of life.

Come along for the ride!


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