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A new client-onboarding slide deck

A website, app development and SEO company was struggling with new hosting and maintenance clients who were often unhappy at the end of the month. New clients (and even long-term ones) were regularly using up their allotted monthly maintenance and support hours with inefficient practices and little understanding of how the company’s support ticket system worked.

I interviewed various team members, gathered ALL the details — the problems, the questions frequently asked, the basics that each new client needed to know — then I wrote the slide deck content, designed it and let it loose.

Clients weren’t just handed the slide deck; they were walked through it now, and if the maintenance and hosting support team noticed a client “eating up” monthly support hours inefficiently, they now had documentation and tips to share easily with clients to help them use their hours efficiently and effectively.

Here’s the slide deck I created-

Client Onboarding – Support & Maintenance Services




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