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Ring. Ring!

Does anyone even answer their phones anymore? (I hardly/rarely do unless the person is in my contacts list.)

As well, I find myself, more and more, doing my self-appointed civic duty and marking calls that reek of spam, as just that: by blocking them. I figure if enough of us are doing so, the spam-catcher-tools will get better and faster at weeding them out.

Small steps. Small steps.


Now, there’s something I’ve noticed in a recent movie or TV series or two of late, which, imo, needs to be cut out of any book, movie or story plot, and it’s this:

In two C.B. Strike episodes (really like that show), a character picked up — and answered! — another character’s phone while the other was away and not next to their own phone. And then, of course, the Answerer-of-the-phone discovered “something important” impacting the plot

But, seriously,

First of all, who even answers their phones nowadays? 

How could anyone answer someone else’s phone without their password?

And, come on! Who in the world would even deign to pick up and answer another person’s phone? 

I mean, maybe that concept of having to answer a phone to get important information worked in a pre-voicemail world, but now? Today? No.

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