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Their loss, my gain

Their loss, my gain. (Sorry, Ryan.)

I made a bunch of food to bring to a birthday party this weekend, and I’d put some time and effort into doing so (marinated mushrooms with chopped walnuts, the same ingredients in a blended cream-cheese dip, and, well, Birthday Bacon).

I wrote myself all sorts of notes of what to bring to the party, but somehow left the cream cheese dip at home. And as it is with foods that sit and “marry” a bit over time, holy smokes, is this dip good! Rich, filling, tasty.

I’ve been eating gobs more mushrooms of late. Like several times a week (and sometimes several times a day). Maybe it’s the umami. Maybe it’s that they’re white and brown foods and have different nutrients. Maybe it’s because they’re classified as a bitter food, and (clearly!) one of the people blessed with a genetic orientation to bitter foods. Maybe it’s just cuz they’re fungi and amazing and wonderful

One of the tricks for cooking mushrooms that someone taught me years ago is to “just” heat mushrooms first. No oil. Put them directly in the pan. Doing so gets “the wet” out of them and then they hold whatever flavor you add and the cooking oils better. Well, that’s what I was told and what I do, and I’m sticking with it until I hear better.

What’s your favorite mushroom recipe?

My latest favorite is marinated mushrooms. So easy. So, so easy.

1 – Clean, cut then boil in water for about 10 minutes. Drain.

2 — Mix a vinaigrette-type dressing. The basics: oil, vinegar (I typically use wine or white balsamic), salt (only the best, but you should know that by now), Italian seasoning, and a smidge of sugar.

3 — Let that sit, at least overnight, and voilà! You have marinated mushrooms that can (theoretically) last in your refrigerator for some time.

Also, IDK what’s up, but, of late, the mushrooms I have been buying are super-clean and incredibly fresh, so I hardly need to do any cleaning and the stalks are often still fresh.

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