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They live

Talk about random. Earlier today, for whatever reason, I had been thinking about the American City Girls, a local network building, party-focused, notecard-espousing, social technology amplifying adventure I did years back with the lovely Cherie Beck.

Because I’ve been on a mostly private, life-long mission to destroy my art and writing — to erase it from the world — I figured we’d closed the website down … just like I’ve closed down the sites for a dozen other adventures and project.

I was bummed. It was beautiful work we did together, creating this small business, this networking group and this mission of bringing nascent social media tools to local relationships. I knew the original art was scanned somewhere. I had a CD or something of it somewhere, but the website, I figured that was long gone.

Then in some random meanderings on the internet this afternoon, I saw a photo of me and Cherie from way back, like 2006 way back. I clicked it and what opened up was the site I had thought earlier today had been lost, deleted.

My aunt Rosellen not only drew and painted each of these ladies, but she DESIGNED the outfits when she attended fashion school in NYC after WWII. So exquisite. Such a tale each tells.




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