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Maryland is amazing

We all get our small pleasures in life: the little things we enjoy simply because we enjoy them. For me, one of them is watching the birds outside my large sliding glass doors that open up to a nice vista and Lake Elkhorn beyond.

I don’t know much about birds and sometimes wonder if I’d like to, though I doubt the knowing of X or Y species would make much of a difference in my enjoyment of watching them flit, fly and feed.

The bag of bird seed I buy is as much for me (to watch the birds that come by) as it is for the birds (to eat the food … and we all know the squirrels honor no species boundaries and eat what’s available … and most of it.) However on this snowy, cold day, while I sit in the comfort of my home, it’s a small measure of happiness to provide some easily accessible food for the neighborhood birds.

Maryland is amazing. The variety of weather here is quite something. We have cool, fresh spring days as well as sunny and warm ones. We have hot sultry summer days as well as gloriously perfect summer days (and THE best summer nights!). We have crisp clear autumn days as well as rainy and stormy ones. And we have cool quiet winter days as well as brrrrr-cold ones.

But the days or nights that stay misty and covered for stretches on end are some of my favorite. They’re often balmy and pleasant in a very-different-than-normal way.

While sunny summer days and bright spring days call me to come outside and enjoy the weather, it’s often the misty days I find so compelling to get outside and go for a walk to clear my head and enjoy the world outside the walls of my home.

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