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Seems reasonably efficient to me

I, for one, have transformed into (except with groceries and clothes) a fairly adept, regular and mostly satisfied online shopper.

I totally get that more packaging is used in the delivery of said online orders.

And I was momentarily surprised–but then quickly after quite delighted–by the simplicity with which this pair of flip flops was delivered to me recently. No box, no soft cushioning, foam peanuts or air-pocket packaging. Nope, just flip flops in a bag with a shipping label on it.

Seems quite reasonable and efficient to me. There’s not much particularly personal news or insights to gain about me from someone seeing that flip flops are being mailed to my address; there’s little likelihood they’ll be stolen (they’re just flip flops); and given how cushiony and comfy they are (totally recommend the Oncai brand), there wasn’t anything to break on them.

Works for me.

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