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Spring in Maryland

How did I go from wearing a cashmere top, wool socks and boots but a few days ago to, now, sweating in a tank top, light summer skirt and bare feet?

Then the weather shifted in the afternoon. I left the house in my light summer skirt, ran a couple errands, the clouds came, the wind picked up, the feeling of rain was in the air and the temperature dropped, so I went home and changed into jeans, a cashmere sweater and a scarf then finished up my errands! All in 24 hours.

Oh, yeah, Spring in Maryland.

It is so lovely here: daffodils and hellebores aplenty. Ornamental cherry trees all about, magnolias, dogwoods and redbuds. Soon will come the azaleas in their pinks, purples, reds, corals, amethysts and lilacs, And then all the green. The green, the green, the green of grasses grown and trees filled out. It’s so, so lovely in Maryland in all the seasons, though spring is particularly beautiful! Though, the weather and temperatures can spike up and down and zigzag all over carnation.

PSA – Folks, don’t put away all your wool or winter clothes yet. The last frost date for Central Maryland is May 15th. My mom–a gardener for many a decade–says there was a May 13th frost in one of the earlier years we moved to Columbia in the 1970s.


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