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Car wash

Swear. Truth. This happened.


Errands are not my favorite thing to do, but when I do them, I’m prepared. Or at least intend to be. In a best-case scenario, I’ve got a plan of places to go and the order in which I’m going to run my errands, I’ve got my lists. And I’ve got all the “things”–all the stuff I’ll need when out running said, various errands.

So, I got in my car the other day, ready to run four or five errands in a row. First on my list was to stop by the carwash a mile or two from my home, get some gas and then do all my other errands.

My phone and car speakers were connected, and upon starting up my car the song that came on was–drumroll, please–Car Wash, by Rose Royce in 1976!




This is what the top part of my errands list looked like that day.


Yep, that happened!

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