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I’m no different than the rest of humanity. A surprise box (or pretty envelope) in the mail with a nice gift inside made my day all the nicer and gave my dopamine a little boost.

Loving this new season-based lipstick Melany Carlos of House of Colour, Arlington sent me recently.

I never/hardly ever wore lipstick for the first three and a half decades of my adult life. I had no understanding of my colors, and lipstick never looked right on me.

Now that I know I’m a Summer, a sweat-pea summer, to be more accurate, shopping is much simpler and selecting makeup (mostly from HOC’s season-based website … I mean, come on, it’s kind of like Paint By Numbers), I’m pretty much guaranteed my colors will work on me.

If you haven’t checker her out yet, do! It’s such a great investment to get your colors done. (They don’t change. The investment lasts a lifetime.)

Soooo, do you know your colors?

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