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We be like that sometimes

Stopped by my mom’s house to pick up the milk jug gallons I had mostly filled with water a few days prior and put in her freezer. My aim? To use a couple/few jugs of frozen water as cooler ice for a local Burning Man regional festival (PDF – Playa del Fuego) I’m attending this weekend.

freeze the jugs

In my many-many-weekend-festivals-attended experience, bagged ice–while great for drink coolers and drinks–melts too quickly. At these festivals and regional burns, I’m looking to keep my food chilled for three or four days, sometimes even five or six days. I do pre-purchase ice sold at these events. It’s imperative if I want my food to stay chilled that I have ice throughout the weekend, and folks should always pre-purchase ice offered for sale at events. I do. You should. It’s important.

Personally, I like to pack my coolers with frozen jugs rather than bagged and loose ice. The jugs melt more slowly, keep melted water from filling the bottom of my cooler and–as a bonus!–provide clean, chilled water I can use for drinking, brushing my teeth, and so on.

zipping by

My mom, who lives about 12 minutes away in the home of my childhood, has one of those massive freezers in the basement. (My parents used to buy half a cow from a nearby farmer when we were kids; that’s how they rolled and that was part of the need/demand for getting this big freezer that–truth–50+ years later still works just fine.) 

I can–and do–easily tuck three or four gallons in there to freeze and now it’s time to pick them up. After packing up my car, I zipped over to my mom’s place to get the ice and pack it in my cooler before getting on the road. She was out gardening when I came by.

And this is what happened when we posed for a selfie.

me and mom

(We’ll figure this selfie thing out one of these days. I think.)

In the meantime, I’m I need to unpack from PDF.


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