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So, a couple of weeks ago, I made some all-natural balm. It’s a thing I do. A super-easy craft. A super-easy gift. A super-easy little project.

I put out a bunch of the tins of balm for the various Amazon, UPS and such drivers who deliver packages in my neighborhood and encouraged them to take a tin: a little something to say thank you for all they do to make my life easier.

I’d meant to put one of the tins in my mailbox for the USPS postal carrier. And I kept meaning to do so. It wasn’t a difficult task, nor an onerous one. Yeesh, it was only about 40 or 50 steps from my front door to the community mailbox and back. Plus I could have done this wee task any time I got the mail in the past week or so, but it kept being on the “not done yet” list of little things in my life rather than on the “done” list.

Then, today, in the frigid cold and wind, while I was preparing for a handful of errands to run, I was layering myself up and putting on all manner of warm clothing and accessories. I started walking to my car when I saw the USPS truck by the community mailbox.

“Now, Jessie. Do it now,” I said to myself. So I grabbed one of the tins and walked up to my postal carrier, and said, “Hi! I have a little gift for you. It’s some homemade, all-natural balm. You can use it on your hands, face, lips … wherever you’d like. I really appreciate what you do.”

She accepted the gift and thanked me, and that’s when I let out a little shriek. “Look at what we’re both wearing!” I said.

I have had this scarf for a year or more. I’ve hardly worn it, but today I wanted to wear it. It seemed the perfect thing to wear today to keep my neck warm while I was outside in all this cold and wind.

And, so, apparently did she.

Her name is Tamaira, and she has a most lovely smile.

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